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Famous Artists



This area of my website is dedicated to world famous and renowned artists and old master's of days gone by.

All of the artists featured have paintings valued at, and often selling for ten's, even hundred's of million's of pounds.

These are spectacular works of art and way beyond most people's means of ever owning, and most never even get a chance to view them.

With this in mind I have selected some of the artists most famous and best known works, and made them available as box canvas prints each in four different sizes. Small, Medium, Large and Large Deep.

I have scaled the pictures in order to retain as close as possible their original aspect, though some cropping has been required on some of the prints.

Just a few of the featured artists are.

Auguste Renoir.   Caravaggio.   Claude Monet.   Edouard Manet.   Gustav Klimt.   Johannes Vermeer.

John Constable.   John William Waterhouse.   Leonardo Da Vinci.   Michelangelo.   Peter Paul Reubens. 

  Rembrandt.   Salvador Dali.   Sandro Botticelli.   Titian.   Vincent Van Gogh.   William Turner.   + more. 

I will be adding to the artist directory list with more famous names in due course.

To view the list click here: Famous Artists



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